The PSAT is over – now what?

Parents of high school juniors, you may be wondering what your student should be doing to prepare for the SAT now that the PSAT is over (or almost over, if your student is taking the test on Saturday). PSAT scores don’t come out until December, so many students put off further test preparation until after winter break. However, it can be academically beneficial and stress-reducing to get a head start on test preparation for spring!

Students can use the time between now and when PSAT scores come back in December to take a practice SAT and ACT and see how they do on each test. Colleges accept either the SAT or ACT for admission. We here at AJ Tutoring recommend that students take both the SAT and the ACT – after all, that gives you two chances to succeed!

If your student would like some help preparing for the tests from our fabulous AJ tutors, it’s a great idea to complete a few tutoring sessions before winter break. This schedule allows the sessions to be spaced out before the March SAT or April ACT. And with high schoolers’ incredibly busy schedules these days (I’m thinking of my student who plays two sports, participates in student government, and takes 4 APs), spreading out the tutoring reduces stress and allows ample time for academics and other activities.

We know that junior year is a busy year, especially at competitive high schools like Paly, St. Francis, Los Gatos, Saratoga and many others, where college preparation starts early and never lets up. Joe and Aaron, the co-owners of AJ Tutoring, are experts at developing tutoring and testing plans that work for students’ individual needs and schedules. Email or call them today (, (650) 331-3251) to discuss your student’s game plan now that the PSAT is over!

To summarize, juniors waiting for PSAT results should:
• Take a practice SAT and ACT and compare the test scores
• Continue to excel in academic courses at school
• Talk to Aaron or Joe about a testing schedule for junior and senior year
• Complete three or four tutoring sessions before winter break

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