Which fall 2014 SATs and ACTs can seniors take for college admissions?

Seniors — there’s still enough time to take the SAT and ACT for college admissions purposes!  If you’re applying to colleges for regular decision (typically a deadline of January 1, 2015), you may take the SAT and ACT tests through December 2014.  If you’re pursuing early decision or early action admission programs, you can submit SAT and ACT scores through the October 2014 tests.  Policies may vary by college, and you should always confirm testing deadlines with any schools to which you’re applying.  Please visit the College Board’s website for the fall 2014 SAT testing schedule, and the ACT’s website for the fall 2014 ACT testing schedule.SocialPutreach3

We know that fall of senior year is extremely busy with completing college applications and personal statements, keeping up with academics, and taking any remaining standardized tests.  If you’ve already taken the SAT or ACT in your junior year, you should be able to streamline your test review process in the fall and still improve your score!

Here at AJ Tutoring, many of our returning test prep students who completed a full prep for the SAT or ACT in spring 2014 are now working on a 3 or 4 session review prep.  Typically, 3 or 4 sessions is enough time to focus closely on a student’s specific issues with the test.  During review preps, the tutor will review a student’s previous score report(s) to determine if there are particular topics within math (algebra, geometry, numbers and operations, etc), critical reading, or writing that would benefit from more focused review.  In addition to focusing on specific areas of weakness, students also have the chance to complete a couple additional practice SATs or ACTs, either proctored at our office or on their own.

If you have questions about your testing plan or would like to speak with an AJ Tutoring director, please reach out to us at (650) 331-3251, or via email at info@ajtutoring.com.  Good luck this semester!

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