Joanna Watterson

Academic Tutor

My interest in the life sciences began with my early fascination with the natural world and especially animals. To this day, I spend my free time in nature and observing the biological world around me. During high school, I became involved with tutoring as a way to give back to my community. I volunteered at both my local elementary school and the public library, helping K-8 students engage in their classes and hone their study skills. I also spent many hours volunteering with children and adults living with developmental disabilities, a pursuit which led to my choice of study in college.

I attended UC Davis (Go Aggies!) and majored in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior with a minor in Human Development. During my studies, I also worked as an EMT and took on undergraduate research in a molecular medicine laboratory. I participated in a research initiative that aimed to improve undergraduate education in STEM through greater inclusion of active learning techniques by university instructors. My human development minor included courses in science education and time spent in local schools helping guide students to achieving academic success. I am extremely proud to have graduated as outstanding senior for the NPB graduating class. Attending UC Davis was an incredible experience, and I am happy to offer firsthand advice and real-life experience from my time in the UC system.

My background prepared me very well to tutor in a 1-on-1 setting, and I have found the individualized environment at AJ to be highly effective in helping students succeed and find wonder and enjoyment in their studies. I instill in my students strategies that will help them tackle challenges they will inevitably face in their academic and professional careers. By fostering students’ interests in a subject, I have found that they not only perform better on tests, but are much happier and experience less stress.

In addition to tutoring, I still work as an EMT with the long-term goal of attending medical school. In my free time, I’m usually outdoors: backpacking, rock climbing, snowboarding, scuba diving or otherwise seeking adventure!

Subjects Tutored

Academic Chemistry
Academic Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Biology

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