Manolis Sueuga

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I was born in Oakland and attended Berkeley High. During this time, I found myself constantly pondering meaning in the world around me, and thus I developed an interest in philosophy. I became intrigued with questions of how to distinguish “rightness” and “wrongness”, subjectivity/objectivity of meaning, and how to live a “just” life. From Berkeley High, I went on to further my education at Stanford University, where I found myself engaged in frequent philosophical discussion both inside and outside of the classroom. By my second year, I declared a philosophy major with a focus in ethics. I am currently pursuing a master’s program at Stanford centered on the philosophy of moral obligations and promises.

I have always carried a strong love and passion for teaching. While attending Berkeley High, I participated in an organization called MathWorks, where I tutored geometry to students at Willard Middle School for two years. During my time at Stanford, I joined an organization called Project Dosti, where I traveled to Kongonapuram, a small town in Southern India, and taught English courses to K-12 students.

I have years of experience tutoring middle school and high school math, English, ISEE/SSAT, organizational skills, and study habits. Coming from a competitive program in high school and a rigorous academic climate at Stanford, I place emphasis on the importance of work ethic and study habits. I believe that all students have the capacity to excel with the proper set of organizational skills and the right mentality. As an academic coach, I aim for students to reach their personal goals while developing a mentality of confidence and accountability towards their own academic achievement. To promote confidence and skill development, I teach with a warm and encouraging style, and I make use of the 1-on-1 tutoring environment at AJ to make sure each lesson is just right for each student.

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy watching films, skateboarding, camping, hiking, and composing music.

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