Shane Meng

Academic Tutor

I am a lifelong science and math enthusiast who enjoys sharing my knowledge and academic prowess with my students at AJ. I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry from Beijing University of Technology and a PhD in analytical/environmental chemistry from USC. Throughout my academic career, I benefited from the inspiring and caring teachers who fostered my love of science. I strive to pass on the same incredible teaching that I received to the next generation of students.

I have nearly a decade of classroom teaching experience, and over the years I’ve grown in appreciation of the vastly different learning styles that my students have displayed. To target the unique needs of each student, nothing surpasses the flexibility and customization of 1-on-1 tutoring.

Here at AJ, I specialize in helping students improve their approach in difficult science and math classes like chemistry and geometry. I believe that all science and math subjects are connected, and I strive to illuminate those connections for my students. Once students gain insight into the fundamentals of what they are learning, the process becomes more interesting and enjoyable. I especially love to tell stories about the history of a specific topic to help students obtain a more tangible connection to their coursework.

Other than tutoring, I enjoy playing the piano, drawing, attending concerts, watching films, reading, going on road trips, and practicing martial arts.

Subjects Tutored

Academic Geometry
Academic Chemistry
AP Chemistry

Offices Served

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