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I grew up in Saint George, Utah, where I enjoyed camping, hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding throughout my state’s beautiful geography. I went on to study Physics at Pitzer College. I have an innate drive to solve problems, and I have accrued countless tricks and techniques for doing so. I have hands-on research experience involving extensive data analysis as well as computer modeling. I have been inspired by memorable professors, teachers, and mentors, and I am excited about helping the next generation achieve excellence.

I first started tutoring physics in college after helping some friends with their homework and realizing that I love to help clarify problems and concepts that remind me of my own time learning the material. I find that problem-solving often hinges on a moment of realization in which the fundamentals of the subject become suddenly connected to the specifics of the problem. I strive in every session to guide my students towards these moments of realization, which are empowering and instrumental to success in difficult subjects.

I center my tutoring philosophy around a strong understanding of basic concepts and intuition for challenging problems, and I excel at giving students the tools necessary to break down complicated problems and work through them one step at a time. I am passionate about teaching and instilling values of learning in students.

Outside of tutoring, I am an avid musician and I love to play bass guitar and piano as well as enjoy live music. I value nature’s beauty and try to spend as much time as possible surrounded by the tranquility of mother nature while camping, hiking, and rock climbing.

Subjects Tutored

  • AP Physics 2
  • AP Physics 1
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SAT Subject Math2
  • SAT Subject Literature
  • Academic Calculus
  • Academic Physics
  • Academic Computer Science
  • AP Physics C
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC

Offices Served

  • San Carlos


(650) 331-3251 ext. 741

Satisfied Parents

“AJ Tutoring was terrific! Our tutor hit Anna with a completely different approach; his style was especially good for Anna. Her improvement gives her a better shot at early admission to Georgetown.”

- Woodside Priory parent and guidance counselor

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"Being an AJ tutor is a dream job.  The 1-on-1 connection with my students is rewarding, and the support and dynamic team atmosphere are awesome."

- Patrick Hennes, AJ team member

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