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I was born in Morgan Hill but have lived in San Jose my whole life. After graduating from Santa Teresa High School, I attended Evergreen Valley College, where I was known by my friends as “Miss English Major”, even though I was studying biology. Among my math and engineering friends, I was the go-to for clarifications on grammar and syntax. Eventually I realized biology was not for me, so I switched to English and embraced my love of language. I tutored English as a Second Language (ESL) and all levels of English at the institution, including English 1C, Critical Language and Composition. I then brought my love of English to UC Berkeley, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in English.

As a child, I was relentlessly curious. I was always asking “why?” and “what if?” As an adult, I have found that curiosity is not something that should be muted. Curiosity opens doors to the unknown. As a tutor, I believe that all questions are valuable, so I encourage students to ask away. My students always feel comfortable because of the open academic environment I cultivate in sessions. I believe that true learning only ever exists in such an atmosphere. I love to impart my passion for constant learning and thinking to my students.

Outside of the offices of AJ Tutoring, you can find me watching horror movies, eating quesadillas, and singing with my dogs. I also like to play the piano and guitar from time to time, and I love to make fruit smoothies during the summer.

Subjects Tutored

  • Academic English
  • Academic Study Skills
  • Academic K-8
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition

Offices Served

  • Saratoga
  • Los Gatos (Highway 9)


(408) 345-5200 ext. 647 Jamienguy@ajtutoring.com

Satisfied Parents

“AJ Tutoring was terrific! Our tutor hit Anna with a completely different approach; his style was especially good for Anna. Her improvement gives her a better shot at early admission to Georgetown.”

- Woodside Priory parent and guidance counselor

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"Being an AJ tutor is a dream job.  The 1-on-1 connection with my students is rewarding, and the support and dynamic team atmosphere are awesome."

- Patrick Hennes, AJ team member

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