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I was born and raised in San Jose and attended Lincoln High School, where I excelled in my classes and enjoyed helping my friends understand difficult material. I also stayed engaged in the school community and extracurriculars: I ran track, cross-country and wrestled for three years. After high school, I attended Santa Clara University and majored in civil engineering. I grew interested in discovering my learning style and how it differed from my peers. I liked helping fellow students understand our classwork in a way that was uniquely effective for each individual. I knew that I wanted to delve deeper into my studies and remain in an academically rigorous environment, so I continued on to earn my master’s degree in civil engineering.

While pursuing my master’s, I was a teaching assistant for an introduction to engineering course and ran multiple lab sections. During this time, I discovered that I loved helping students achieve their potential. I saw first-hand how adjusting my teaching style could reach students in an optimal way, especially in 1-on-1 settings. I realized that how I presented the material was paramount to student success, and I grew in my ability to tailor my explanations to each of my pupils.

After earning my master’s degree, I began a career as an engineer and enjoyed applying my skills in the real world. Though I learned a lot during this time, I realized that I’m a teacher at heart and my true calling is helping students find the enjoyment and challenge in their courses. At AJ, I specialize in breaking down difficult ideas for my students and supporting them as they learn new math and science concepts for the first time. I make use of the 1-on-1 environment to make sure each session is structured in a way that is most advantageous for my student.

Outside of AJ Tutoring, you can find me watching sports, listening to new musicians, and absorbing a broad range of podcasts and audiobooks.

Subjects Tutored

  • Academic Algebra 1
  • Academic Algebra 2
  • Academic Trigonometry
  • Academic Pre-Calculus
  • Academic Calculus
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC

Offices Served

  • Palo Alto


(650) 331-3251 ext. 797 Juanvalle@ajtutoring.com

Satisfied Parents

“AJ Tutoring was terrific! Our tutor hit Anna with a completely different approach; his style was especially good for Anna. Her improvement gives her a better shot at early admission to Georgetown.”

- Woodside Priory parent and guidance counselor

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Enthusiastic Employees

"Being an AJ tutor is a dream job.  The 1-on-1 connection with my students is rewarding, and the support and dynamic team atmosphere are awesome."

- Patrick Hennes, AJ team member

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