A History of Magic

Take a tour of magical culture across time and space and learn the secrets of social science along the way!

Locations: Online, Menlo Park, Woodside

Cost: $120/hr

Recommended hours: 8


  • Understand the basics of anthropology and historiography
  • Trace the historical development of science and modern technology from magic
  • Demystify modern persistence of magical practice and belief
  • Apply critical thinking skills to popular conspiracy theories

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Course Description:

Though older than writing, much ink has been spilled to characterize the practice of Magic as unscientific and uneducated. And yet, magic has been practiced by every society, developing into scientific inquiry all over the world. While prior historical perspectives have classified magical thinking as a defunct stage of human development, modern social science observes that magic persists in human culture. This class will study history through the lens of magical practice, studying ancient beliefs and the time-enduring practices that led to modern astronomy, rocket engineering, chemistry, theater, and literature. Students will also practice critical thinking skills while studying historical witch-hunting paranoia and modern conspiracy theories. This class introduces anthropology and historiography while making them fun and wondrous.

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