Advanced Topics in Physics

Is your student interested in solving hard and interesting problems in classical mechanics, learning about quantum mechanics or relativity? This course is meant to be a customized deeper delve into fundamental physics topics of interest to your student at a level at or beyond current AP Physics offerings.

Locations: Menlo Park

Cost: $150/hr

Recommended hours: 12-48


  • Solve classical mechanics problems using differential equations and the calculus of variations.
  • Explore relativity through the paradoxes and problems associated with space travel.
  • Acquaint yourself with the mathematical methods involved in quantum mechanics and learn to interpret the results.

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Course Description:

In this in-depth course, students will identify topics of interest in order to expand their knowledge of physics. This will often require extending a student’s mathematical knowledge as well, with topics including linear algebra, differential equations, Fourier series and transforms, and complex-valued functions. This course can be customized to meet student’s needs. Topics of interest include:

Classical mechanics: explore difficult problems using differential equations and variational principles. Topics include moment of inertia tensors, precession, coupled oscillators, and chaos.

Relativity: explore calculations for space travel and objects traveling near the speed of light, calculate the time and energy required for space travel, and learn the effects of general relativity on our physical reality.

Quantum mechanics: start with simple examples involving calculus-based statistics to understand the statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics, then move on to examples involving linear algebra and Fourier analysis. Solve the Schrodinger equation for particles in simple one-dimensional potentials.

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