Novel Study: Pride & Prejudice

Are you looking to sharpen your skills at literature analysis and essay-writing? Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, is often taught at local high schools and many universities. Gain the skills you need to analyze this great work of British literature and write essays that will impress your next English teacher!

Locations: Online, Palo Alto

Cost: $110/hr

Recommended hours: 9


  • Learn to annotate the text to prepare for discussions.
  • Develop strong analytical reading and essay-writing skills.
  • Identify and appreciate literary techniques.
  • Understand how history and literary movements inform texts.

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Course Description:

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is the beloved tale of romance between the smart and opinionated Elizabeth Bennet and the arrogant and misunderstood Mr. Darcy. It’s full of meddling relatives, wicked rogues, conniving adversaries—and loyal sisters who have the good fortune of meeting very rich suitors.

It’s also a tricky book to read, with its sophisticated prose and historical conventions, and it’s often required reading at Bay Area high schools and many universities. This class will help you understand the historical background of the novel so that you can learn to annotate, analyze, and enjoy a work that will likely come up again in your education.

We’ll identify literary techniques and study themes so that you can be ready to discuss this novel—and other novels of British literature—next time you’re assigned this or a similar text in school. We’ll also write 2-3 essays over the course of the summer that will help you prepare for the type of writing assignments you can expect from your next English teacher.

Make the Most of the Summer!

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