The Philosophy of The Good Place

Now that The Good Place has ended, are you still pondering questions of good and evil, right and wrong? Need a Chidi-surrogate? This course will help students develop an understanding of core philosophical schools and thinkers.

Locations: Online, Woodside, Menlo Park

Cost: $110/hr

Recommended hours: 8


  • Develop a familiarity with philosophy as an academic discipline
  • Expand critical thinking skills
  • Engage with difficult questions
  • Explore how others have responded to those questions in the past

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Course Description:

This course will introduce students to the realm of philosophy. We will explore contributions to philosophy from around the world and throughout history. In addition, we’ll address some of the basic schools, paradigms, and belief systems which have guided schools of thought. Students will also read excerpts of texts published by famous thinkers. As they explore the ideas of famous thinkers and fundamental question about reality and our place within it, students will have the opportunity to their critical thinking skills as they engage with tough questions and evaluate both their own ideas and the ideas of others.

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