Summer 2020 online classes

Summer starts now.

We can help you catch up on this year and get ready for next year!

✔ Struggling with disruptions caused by COVID-19 and distance learning?

✔ Falling behind in a subject or moving up a lane?

✔ Getting ready for your first AP or honors course?

✔ Want to improve your test-taking skills?

✔ Need a fun extra challenge in a favorite subject?


Let our team of teaching experts help you with 1-on-1 academic and test prep tutoring now and during the summer!

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Online Classes at AJ Tutoring

Same 1-on-1 tutoring and individualized attention.

While we’re only meeting online for now, we provide the same level of instruction and inspiration in our online classes as we do in person. Our tutors teach what your student needs to know, tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

Same great results that maximize your student’s potential.

Our tutors have a great deal of experience in online tutoring. We’ve worked online with students in southern California, on the east coast, and across the world. Our online students see the same grade improvements as our in-person students.

Use your time well

While school’s out, get a jump-start on the upcoming school year or engage with academic material at a deeper level. Our expert academic tutors are here to help!


Looking to get credit for your coursework this summer? Interested in an alternative to classroom learning?

Showcase your skills on SAT subject tests.

Great SAT subject test scores can strengthen your college applications and set you apart from other students.

With SAT subject tests taking place in both August and September this year, summer is an ideal time to strengthen your content knowledge and test-taking skills so you can maximize your scores. Our subject test tutors are online and ready to start prep today!

Let's discuss your student!

Even though educational plans have been upended, we can help keep your student on track and prepared for next school year and beyond.

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