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Good Books: Reading Recommendations for High School Students

Stephen King said that books are “a uniquely portable magic.” AJ Tutoring is a team of avid readers, but our literary interests vary richly across genre, field, and subject. With that in mind, we’ve crowd-sourced a diverse list of book recommendations from leaders and veteran tutors at ... Read More


6 Tips to Increase Your Accuracy in Math

Frequently at AJ Tutoring, students come in who express a familiarity with key math concepts but don’t score as well as they’d imagined on quizzes and tests. A common source of missed questions is inaccuracy. It can be frustrating because such errors happen even if you have mastered the ... Read More


How to Succeed in any Math Class

A challenging math class is a veritable rite of passage for students across the world. Working on problem sets late into the night can be frustrating, but most of us who have been through the gauntlet can recall moments of triumph when a particularly tricky concept is understood at last. Here ... Read More


“It’s a Chemical!”

“It’s a...chemical,” exhaled a person, almost spitting out "chemical" as if the word itself were inherently toxic. To the general public, this statement may be alarming. To one who understands that everything made of matter is a “chemical,” it’s quite funny. If a simple primer ... Read More

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