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Making Use of the Library

I was working with a student last week, and she was complaining that she was so bored she started reading. Imagine! And then she read all the books in her house so she was starting to reread them. Her parents didn’t want to keep buying books on the Kindle so she had run out of options.  ... Read More


Musings on Learning English

My experiences learning English―what can we take from that as a English native learning foreign languages? I grew up in Switzerland, a little country in the middle of Europe and with 4 official languages: Swiss German (the written language is German), French, Italian, and a curious one:- ... Read More


Why Can’t My Student Just Memorize History?

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” does not, as an aphorism and turn of phrase, refer to the retaking of history courses by students over the summer or in later semesters. Instead, it is meant to caution us against ignoring historical trends and denying the effect ... Read More


Scaffolding: The Importance of Well-Built Lesson Plans

Let’s say you have two options: you can either learn something new or build on what you already know. For example, let’s say you’re already adept at drawing, and you’re considering learning to paint or learning to herd sheep. If you choose to learn to paint, you’d be starting with a ... Read More

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