Alexandra Castillo

Academic Tutor

I was born in San Jose, but I grew up in Fremont on the weekdays and Vallejo on the weekends. After graduating from American High School, I attended Chabot College, where I completed my general education before transfering to CSU East Bay to earn my B.S. in molecular and cell biology with a minor in chemistry.

One of the most important things that I came to understand while in school was that there was no yellow brick road for me to follow. Whatever decision I made, no matter which direction it took me, no matter how long it took me to get there, I would still end up where I wanted to be. Even when faced with failure, I didn’t see it as a dead end but rather an unfortunate detour through the Wicked Witch’s castle. It was important for me to not only recognize my weaknesses but also make an effort to learn from them to better myself. There was no limit to my potential, and with this realization I excelled beyond expectations.

I never really had much interest in the sciences before I started college and instead was more interested in the arts. It was in my first year in college that my interests started to shift and I decided to change my major to biology. I had wonderful professors that made learning enjoyable and engaging, which helped to build my confidence in the classroom, especially in chemistry and biology. I also had awesome classmates that I could exchange experiences with or just talk shop with about shared classes—often with a good chemistry joke thrown in.

I started tutoring as a volunteer tutor at the Union City Library, working with elementary and middle school students in English and math. I enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the center and even got to see a real life Santa Claus tutoring students. I was later given the opportunity by one of my chemistry professors to become a tutor at the Learning Connection Center in Chabot. By tutoring such a diverse group of college students, I learned that it was important to hold conversations with my students, not just to lecture. Many students, especially in the introductory classes, were so intimidated by how much information there was that they found their classes challenging and stressful. By talking about their study habits, goals, and motivations, the students and I were able to determine their needs and what learning style would work best for them. I worked as a tutor up until I transferred from Chabot, and even tutored students through the MESA program. While at CSU East Bay, I worked as a biology T.A. at Arroyo High School and tutored chemistry and biology through the EXCEL program.

Based on my experiences, I have found 1-on-1 sessions to be the most effective in catering to the needs of each student. Every student processes information differently and in a 1-on-1 session I am able to structure the session so that the student can learn the material at their own pace. I believe in sharing study tips and techniques with students in addition to concept knowledge to help them study more effectively and succeed. Whether students prefer to start with the big picture or the smaller details, I want to give students the skills necessary to develop their understanding and interests.

In my free time, I like to work on arts and crafts projects, watch animated TV shows and movies, and go on food adventures and boba runs around the Bay Area with my friends and family.

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