Akash Khare

Academic Tutor

Although I was famous as ‘the physics guy’ in high school, I came from a family of doctors, so I was expected to continue their legacy. I did so by securing a seat at King George’s Medical University, one of the top five medical schools in India. Attending the university as a rebellious teenager and seeing students struggling with the education system made me realize my true love and passion for the field of education. 

After getting my medical license, I spent four years teaching anatomy, forensic medicine, and pathology in medical schools in India as a junior faculty member while also volunteering in physics, chemistry, and biology to pursue my dream of revolutionizing education.

Knowing firsthand how grueling exams can be, I am dedicated to supporting my students through a stressful period in any way I can. I’ve had the opportunity to support students through pre-med and medical studies, so I know how important emotional support is alongside academics. I also believe that a student’s motivation for STEM education can be seeded by a clear understanding of the purpose of science in their potential careers and the real world.

When my mentors advised me to explore opportunities in the U.S., I took a break from my teaching career to pursue a master’s degree in anatomical sciences and neurobiology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine while volunteering as a math tutor at a local high school. My passion for 1-on-1 tutoring led me to AJ Tutoring, where I specialize in supporting students in their physics and chemistry coursework.

In addition to teaching, I love 3D printing brain models, creating virtual reality games, and enjoying the fame of being one of the top VR players of Population: One in the world.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
Academic Chemistry
Academic Physics
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Physics C


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