Asuna Ding

Academic Tutor

After I obtained my bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from the University of California, Davis, I found my passion for data science. I was particularly fascinated by how quickly technology is changing the profession, so I decided to pursue my master’s degree in data analytics at San Jose State University.

During my master’s program, I was selected by my professor to become a graduate teaching assistant. I enjoyed working with my students to master the challenging material they encountered in their classes, and the experience taught me much about how to be patient and listen to my students. Listening carefully to my students allows me to be responsive and flexible in my approach so that I can best support students’ needs and adjust to their goals and learning styles.

As a tutor, I focus on building my students’ independent study habits. I believe in the importance of time management and organizational skills in the success of every student, whether or not they find the subject matter easy or challenging. Moreover, I emphasize mastery of the fundamentals of each concept so that, with practice, my students can build their understanding into complex topics and understand how it all fits together. 

My experience with statistics and data analysis has demonstrated to me how statistics, and mathematics in general, help us learn to think like scientists. The skill sets developed through these subjects can be transferred and applied in many different subject areas. I enjoy helping my students connect what they are studying to its applications — both in their current coursework and in their lives in general.

When I am not tutoring, I love watching movies (my favorite genres are horror, psychological, and sci-fi) and enjoying outdoor activities, including hiking local trails.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Statistics
Academic Mandarin
Academic Study Skills
AP Statistics


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