Christian Nguyen

Academic Tutor

When I failed my first midterm during my freshman Cell Biology class, I began doubting if I belonged in college. However, I worked with a tutor who taught me how to improve not only my grades, but my mental health. He inspired me to find my value outside the classroom and sparked my passion for teaching. I studied hard and the next year became a tutor for that same Cell Biology class. I learned that being a tutor meant embracing the challenges people face, adapting to their learning styles, and inspiring their confidence to succeed.

Tutoring from sophomore year to graduation enriched my college experience tremendously because it was the gateway to all the opportunities and milestones I reached. It gave me the communication skills vital to serve my community effectively as a residential assistant for my college, and I graduated from UC Santa Cruz as Class Speaker with the Highest Honors in both my majors in biology and politics. However, these experiences taught me that there is still so much more to learn and grow. 

I love the opportunities teaching offers to cross paths with many people on their life journeys and to understand my own path in life. Science is such a versatile subject that I run into people of all different backgrounds, and it fascinates me every day to learn more about their passions and dreams. My students have taught me a lot about myself and my values when it comes to teaching. I firmly believe that everyone can grow because true champions are not the people who win every time, but the people who always get back up when things get tough!

Outside of my professional academic life, I am passionate about Pokémon!

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
Academic Chemistry
Academic Government
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP U.S. Government & Politics


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