Druthi Ghanta

Academic Tutor

I’m a Bay Area native and much of my formal education took place here in the Bay. When I was in elementary school, I was often not a “model” student in the classroom, but I would excel in standardized testing (which confused many of my teachers). As an adult, I attribute the disparity between the two to boredom and teaching styles that did not suit me. But as a child, it was cause for unnecessary self-doubt and worry.

By middle school, I learned how to better perform in the classroom environment and my in-class grades and standardized test scores finally matched up. I was also gained confidence that I could move through school more smoothly. In high school, I took on demanding class schedules. Like many other students, I did struggle with certain subjects and also struggled with the pressure to maintain and perform well with a heavy course load. I found respite from these pressures by becoming involved with nonprofit organizations. High school was also a time when I could finally follow my curiosity out of the classroom, and at the time, I sought out opportunities to go further in bio/neurobiology.

When I was in college at Stanford, the abundance of opportunities gave me room to explore my various interests. My major eventually was a combination of biology and computer science. I also completed my master’s degree in biology. During this time, I taught courses to undergraduate and graduate students.  I also instructed in summer sessions, which gave me a chance to teach high school students as well. This work made me realize how much I loved to teach: it was a privilege to be able to create learning environments that were nurturing and supportive of students’ natural curiosities. I love that I get to continue that type of work tutoring students here at AJ.

In addition to my work at AJ, I’ve been building products around the intersection of health and tech. I also lecture at Stanford on the same subject matter (how advances in bio, health, and tech can be leveraged to better address pressing issues in healthcare).

Although I am from the Bay Area, but I’ve spent a good amount of time time on the East Coast. Following my move back to California, I’ve had a deeper appreciation for our great weather and am often outdoors. During my days off, you can often find me  hiking our many nature trails or the hills of San Francisco.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
Academic K-8


Happy Parents and Students

 The most helpful part of my tutoring was Druthi's ability to teach. It gets stuck in my brain. She has me practice my skills in fun ways and guess my numeric devices to use. She's also super funny and nice.   Read what others are saying

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