Dylan Rigling

Academic Tutor

After growing up in the Bay Area, I graduated from San Francisco State with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry.

In college, my organic chemistry professor recommended that I become a peer mentor at the college, and I accepted the offer wholeheartedly. After a couple years of serving as an embedded tutor for his general chemistry sequence, I went on to tutor all his classes, including organic chemistry. From there, I served as an instructional aide for 3 years, developing a very in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the college chemistry curriculum while assisting hundreds of students. Through this experience, I honed my adaptiveness and became adept at accommodating all sorts of learning styles.

During my studies, I also had opportunities to participate in several research projects on topics including the material science of solid-state lithium-ion batteries, the physiological development of zebrafish, verification of sunscreen effectiveness, and organic synthesis.

I have always had a deep desire to help others, and I have focused my tutoring practice on supporting students in their mathematics and science courses. My favorite thing about the work I do is that I’m helping to create successful outcomes for my students. Those successes might come in the form of augmenting a student’s solid foundation, providing an introduction to a new subject so that a student’s growth may proceed unhindered, or developing a student’s confidence in their general studying and test taking strategies. I work with my students to identify any knowledge gaps or habits in their problem solving techniques or study skills so that we can shore up their understanding and provide them the tools to become independent thinkers. I particularly enjoy sharing relevant and fun facts with my chemistry students to make the material engaging—the microscopic world and how it changes is fascinating.

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy developing video games using Unity2D, coding, creating art in photoshop, and making music in Ableton.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Chemistry
Academic Study Skills
AP Chemistry




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