Gael Juarez

Academic Tutor

I was raised in the beautiful city of San Francisco and have obtained bachelor degrees from University of California, Merced, in management and business economics and in anthropology.

From a very young age, I have always been fascinated and driven to learn something new, no matter the field. Growing up, my favorite subjects were always math, history, and physics, but I never shied away from challenging myself in other classes. I remember being the friend and classmate that others turned to for help whenever presented with a challenging problem, and through those experiences I realized I enjoyed helping others. After a few summers attending the Boys & Girls Club, I decided to take the role and responsibility of a tutor. Seeing the look of accomplishment across the face of many younger kids, who confessed having a greater understanding of subjects like math thanks to me and my peers, was rewarding beyond belief. So, I continued down that path through high school and college.

Being fortunate enough to attend a university with a small faculty-to-student ratio, I understood the importance and significant impact that one-on-one instruction has on students’ ability to understand and retain information. Accordingly, I joined a student organization that shared my passion for tutoring and helping the surrounding community. In conjunction with them, I tutored students from K-12 who struggled with their classes. Due to the larger classes they were in, many missed out on the opportunity to participate, engage, and ultimately learn in that environment. Connecting with them on a more personal level really brought out the creativity and confidence in them to realize they were smart beyond measure. All it took was the right environment to see it through. I observed how successful the smaller scale teaching model was and knew my small contribution had a great impact and have not looked back since. I carry all these experiences into my work at AJ Tutoring, where I enjoy helping students fill in the gaps and lay solid foundations for their math classes.

When I am not tutoring, I enjoy exploring my city and the wide array of ethnic cuisines it has to offer, playing sports, discovering new movies, and hiking.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Study Skills




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 The most helpful part was thoroughly explaining the confusing math concepts and giving me practice problems to do.   Read what others are saying

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