Jasmine Bitanga

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I was raised and educated in St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of fifteen, I left home to attend the Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Computing (MASMC), a two-year residential dual-enrollment program that was located on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University. Upon completion of the program, I simultaneously earned a high school diploma and an Associate of Science in science and mathematics. Then, I completed my undergraduate education at Saint Louis University, majoring in aerospace engineering and minoring in engineering mathematics. As a lifelong learner and teacher, I recognize that concepts build on each other to form a cohesive understanding; it is very important to maintain a stable foundation as one climbs. I often tell my students, “You have to know the alphabet before you can read the book.”

Math and teaching have always been natural gifts of mine. I vividly recall my elementary- and middle-school peers requesting my help on math homework because of the way I “made it easy to understand.” In my opinion, the best part about math is that it’s consistent and universal; math never really changes throughout time or among different cultures. When students are introduced to new math topics, it’s usually a straightforward and repetitive process, and it’s fairly easy for students to connect the concepts to applicable, real-world examples.

I was an Academic Assistant for four years at St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley, where I tutored math and taught effective study skills to college-level students of all ages. During college, I also served as a camp counselor for summer science camps and engaged students of varying grade levels in STEM workshops. More recently, I volunteered with The Social Engineering Project, a pipeline program in the San Francisco Bay Area that serves to expose underrepresented students to STEM career paths and address the minority gaps in these industries. I have a deep passion for helping underprivileged minorities gain access to STEM opportunities, as I once walked in those shoes myself. Each teaching experience has taught me the value of patience and the virtue of “paying it forward,” especially when it’s impossible to pay it back.

My philosophy on tutoring can be summarized in three words: Relationship, Validation, Growth. The 1-on-1 format of sessions at AJ allows me to focus my attention on learning each student’s character, strengths, and perspectives while establishing a safe space for learning. As a tutor, it’s very important to understand how a student learns so that I can optimize their learning potential and gradually push their limits. I often find that students get so overwhelmed with a subject that they completely undermine their abilities; my job is to restore their confidence by simplifying the subject one step at a time.

When not teaching, I enjoy participating in yoga, going hiking, and watching documentaries and docu-series.

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Algebra 2

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