Jennifer Weng

Academic Tutor

My teaching experience dates back to high school, when I tutored three elementary and middle school kids in reading, writing, math, and SSAT prep. Every week, I would meet each student individually two or three times. We learned new topics, tackled difficult homework problems, and strengthened their abilities to take on topics they previously struggled with. Over the course of the year, I quickly noticed my students’ growth in skill and confidence. It made me feel excited to share more knowledge and be a source of support during that chapter of their life. 

While attending Tufts University to receive my bachelor’s degree in computer science, I decided to revisit my passion for teaching. I want to make my students feel understood and to give them the advice that I once needed. 

I believe that there is potential in every student. The rigor and pace of many schools today make it difficult to learn, much less to understand the ‘why’. My goal is to understand my students’ needs, strengths, and weaknesses to tailor how I teach and support them. I want my students to gain a full and deep understanding of concepts, so that even when they are presented with a challenging problem, they will know how to break it down. I work to unlock each student’s initiative and ambition to learn so that they become active in their own learning. Part of becoming successful in school and in one’s career is developing confidence, time management skills, and healthy study habits. I help my students excel academically through teaching grit, elevating students’ compassion for learning, and improving their critical thinking skills.

Outside of tutoring, I love plant shopping, listening to jazz, singing, and playing guitar.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2


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