John Lee

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As a Korean-American graduate of Stuyvesant High School and the University of Chicago, I grew up in environments where academic success (especially high test scores) were highly prized. Both these institutions are very competitive and rigorous, and attending them forced me develop good study habits and strong test preparation skills. I also was heavily involved in debate, frequently competing in invitationals across the country.

By the time I graduated with a major in political science and a minor human rights, I had already taught and tutored at a number of different centers, after-school programs, and schools part-time during all four years of college, and I had worked as a middle school debate coach. For me, teaching was the happy opportunity to marry the oratory and explanatory skills I’d learned through debate with my academic expertise. As a major in social science, I studied statistics and data analysis in college, and I’ve subsequently been able to tutor students successfully in all sections of the SAT and the ACT for several years.

When it comes to tutoring, my style focuses on two underrated elements: collaboration and engagement. Tutoring is a collaborative project: every student is unique, with their own particular blend of strengths, weaknesses, and concerns. In my experience, students are very self-aware, and so I always try to communicate with the student to learn their perspective and to provide tailored, specific guidance. I adapt the curriculum to most effectively improve my students’ performance by addressing their individual needs. Finally, collaboration is conducive to helping students discover solutions for themselves, a much more rewarding and memorable experience than just having the right answer presented to them.

Closely related to collaboration is engagement: ultimately, students learn better when they actually enjoy what they’re learning. Even something as seemingly boring as test prep for the SAT and ACT can be a meaningful, interesting process. Whether I’m teaching these tests, English, or history, I love connecting the subject material to current events, coming up with creative analogies, and having students incorporate their interests into whatever topic they’re studying. My job is to help my students succeed, and a collaborative, engaging approach makes the experience better for everyone involved.

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