Jonathan Woo

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

My love for tutoring began as early as 7th grade, when a fellow classmate asked me to help him pass algebra. As I attended a small boarding school in Buffalo, New York, I recall trudging through the snow between dormitories to help him study. At the end of the year, he passed, exceeded his own expectations to receive a B. Ever since then, my enjoyment of tutoring has only grown. Being able to help people succeed and seeing my impact on their confidence is why I find tutoring so rewarding.

I was born in Hong Kong, but attended school on the East Coast of the US from an early age. I discovered my love of problem solving, and enjoyed tutoring my peers in math until I became a junior in high school. At that time the test on everyone’s mind was the SAT/ACT. I took the ACT early and achieved the score I wanted, but many of my peers were stressed. So, I began helping students by giving them the practice tests that I used and helping them come up with strategies that worked best for them.

I attended Santa Clara University, receiving my degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace engineering. Through tutoring others and my own experience through university, I saw how differently each person learns. Ever since then, I made it a point to help students find their own learning styles, to help tailor their learning experience, and to teach them how they would more efficiently make use of their time. I saw the advantage of tutoring 1-on-1, being able to fully focus on the student and the material to be able to make on the spot alterations to the lesson plan to ensure the student is able to retain their new knowledge.

My approach to tutoring is geared towards balance and confidence. I believe that balance is essential to create an effective learning environment. I use strategies like beginning my lessons with a fun brain teaser and creating tailored questions during the session to hold students’ interest during dense, difficult topics. My students’ confidence serves as a gauge of student’s knowledge and allows me to highlight the topics that require more attention. My goal is always for students to walk out of their sessions with increased confidence in their abilities.

When I am not tutoring, I really enjoy traveling and finding the best foods. Most nights you can find me on the computer talking to friends all around the world and playing games.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2


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