Kenny Bundy

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When I was a youngster, my family often moved from state to state by order of the US Army.  By the time I graduated high school in Austin, TX, I was a professional “new kid,” having lived in four states and attended eight different schools. With the constant moving, it was a challenge to stay on pace academically. In one school I was behind, while in another I was ahead. I had to work hard to cover any academic gaps along the way. However, I coped well in the new schools with music and sports to balance my academics, and I experienced our nation’s rich cultural diversity at a young age, which made me curious about the world. At The University of Texas at Austin, I found petroleum engineering, a career that would take me around the world and back again.

As a young engineer, I set off on a journey traveling the world for work. Over twelve years, I lived in Siberia, Western Asia, the Middle East, North and West Africa, as well as Europe and the USA. I cherished working with people from all over the world to solve problems in energy.  In each location I learned a bit more about the people of the world and life itself. From the drilling rig floor, to the halls of various governments to corporate boardrooms, I have seen how skilled and knowledgeable people shape the world.

As the years went by, I made a great career. As a senior engineer and operations manager, I realized that I loved to teach and mentor younger engineers. I could pass on valuable lessons learned in the field and advise them on their own career progressions. Eventually, I could not ignore my passion to teach and mentor, so I left international oil and gas to reach back into my community and help foster a new generation of engineers and lifelong learners ready to tackle the challenges of our world. I believe in helping students understand the world and helping them make the most of their potential to change that world for the better.

As a mentor and tutor, my goal is to help students bridge the gap. I want each student to identify their dreams and what it will take to get there. Learning is a delicate process, and mastering any subject or standardized test can be difficult. As I work with students, I get to know them personally and help them to use their own experiences to facilitate learning. I want to be a guide that imparts the skills and philosophy that lead to success. I patiently seek to find the missing information or the best explanation to give students confidence in their learning ability and to apply what they know.

Subjects Tutored:

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
Academic Algebra 1
Academic K-8


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 I feel comfortable asking my tutor questions and making sure I understand things before we move on.   Nic N., 8th grader, Sacred Heart

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