Liezl Fernando

Academic Tutor

Born in Dallas, Texas, I now consider the Bay Area my home. I graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a minor in music. A mentor helped me realize my passion for creativity and working with my hands, and I pursued my master’s degree in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley and worked as an engineer in the industry. My mentor, by helping me discern my real passions and goals in life, set my life on a better trajectory, and I value the chance mentor students myself as a tutor with AJ Tutoring.

As a kid, I loved teaching my little sister math. Whether it was explaining multiplication when she was a kindergartener to helping her get through her AP calculus course in high school, I enjoyed being able to translate problems she struggled with into a method she understood. Throughout high school and college, I took various teaching positions from volunteer tutoring to being a TA for chemistry labs. I eventually became a part time freelance tutor, teaching math and chemistry to students of all ages. 

Through these experiences, I gained the ability to find the best methods that help students be successful by making concepts more relatable to them, guiding them through hands on practice, and building up their confidence. All students learn differently and may require different learning approaches to understand material, and it is my job and goal to find what that is for each of my students.

Outside of work, my main passion is cosplay—crafting and sewing costumes to become fictional characters in real life. I also love to sing and to spoil my rescue dog.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Chemistry
AP Chemistry


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 AJ has given me tons of resources to learn, all the tutors are awesome, and they are flexible with my crazy schedule.  Read what others are saying

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