Lucas Lawrence

Academic Tutor

Growing up, my family cemented in me the idea that learning need not be restricted to the school day. My mom, a nurse practitioner and endurance athlete, gave me a framework for harnessing knowledge stored in the body. My dad complimented this with his own skill for pattern recognition, which we used in our conversations about the Dallas Cowboys each football season. My aunt instilled in me a love for books and writing while she was studying to be a special education teacher. My grandfather did not have formal education, but had a brilliant mind that noticed patterns of the natural world. A fisherman by trade, he taught me weather patterns and different types of clouds while I was still a toddler. 

My earliest years made clear to me that you can learn something valuable anywhere, from anyone. The prevailing wisdom is that learning is best done in a classroom, or in a library, or at a desk. I have found that this model privileges certain learners over others. I became a tutor because enjoyment is critical to learning, and I am committed to finding a style that helps a student learn in the most enjoyable and effective way for them.

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. I used all of the resources my public high school had to offer and applied to multiple elite universities. I accepted an offer from Stanford, where I majored in feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. For my thesis project, I considered how intersecting systems could provide youth with more integrated structural support. In addition to tutoring, I have taught sixth grade in a nearby public school and worked with LGBTQ youth in mental health settings. 

I love tutoring reading and writing because proficiency often improves a student’s confidence in every class. Performance in science, math, and computer science classes often improve along with improvements in English and history—understanding what a word problem is asking for is critical to being able to show what you know! Outside of school, a better grasp of reading and writing also improves confidence in social settings, in extracurriculars, and on sports teams. We long to be understood, and writing and reading comprehension facilitates this understanding.

My primary goal when tutoring writing is to develop essays with a strong understanding of context, audience, and purpose. Writing is a form of communication with vast potential. We use writing to understand and to be understood, so my work with students is reflective of that primary aim. Grammar and structure are important, but they do not eclipse the message unless they prevent the audience from receiving it.

In my free time, I love spending time with my cats, taking walks in the foothills, baking homemade bread, and writing novels. I have plans to attend law school to further pursue my passion for youth advocacy.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic English
Academic US History
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP US History


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