Nate Martin

Test Prep Tutor

Originally from the Central Valley, I sought a faster pace of life after high school and earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Columbia University. Missing the familiarity and sunny weather of California, upon graduation I moved back to the Golden State to pursue a doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Stanford University and Palo Alto University.

My passion for education has guided me throughout my years in college. For several years, I coached high school juniors and seniors through the college application process, including choosing colleges that were a great fit for them and writing an eye-catching personal statement. I truly cherished the trusting relationship that forms during a mentoring process, and I felt great joy seeing my students succeed in their pursuits.

As someone who did not have much guidance during my own academic journey, I love teaching and mentoring because I deeply understanding the stress and frustration of not knowing the answer to a problem and feeling like you have to solve it all on your own. There is little I find more fulfilling than being able to spare a student that stress by guiding and empowering them to find the answer for themself. Accordingly, I enjoy supporting students through their preparation for the SAT and ACT exams. These tests can feel intimidating, but they become manageable with guidance and clear strategy, and the critical thinking skills that students develop support them throughout the rest of their lives.

In my experiences teaching, I have honed my skills in evaluating what level a student is at and catering my instruction to what is most relevant and helpful to them. Moreover, I believe that in any teaching setting, the student’s input and perspective is crucial, so when I teach curriculum as well as study skills, organization, and time management, I make sure to collaborate with students to find what strategies work best for their unique situations.

When I am not tutoring, I love to watch artsy films, hone my cooking skills, go on nature walks with friends, and draw. I am also a proud member of the LGBT+ community.

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