Paul Kulda

Academic Tutor

As a transplant from Salt Lake City, Utah, my first taste of California life came when I attended Thomas Aquinas College in Southern California, graduating with a degree in liberal arts. During my time in college, I studied many of the works of the Western Literary Canon and gained a deeper appreciation of the complexity of the natural world, human language, and thought. 

I love being an educator because I want to help my students develop the same love of learning that I received from my parents and teachers. A curiosity about the world and excitement to make connections will carry students far in life, bringing professional achievement and personal satisfaction. I believe that good mentors show students the wonder and complexity all around us, igniting a passion for discovery that enriches their entire life. As I was completing my time in college, I had the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate I was to have excellent mentors who guided me through my entire formal education, and I decided I wanted to help inspire other students the same way my mentors inspired and guided me.

After graduating from college, I taught Latin to seventh through tenth grade students in Salt Lake City. This experience allowed me to refine my skills as an educator and gave me a new appreciation of the importance of repeated practice to help students retain a maximum amount of content. While I taught and came to know approximately 200 students, I also came to see the crucial role one-on-one attention plays in encouraging students and giving them the opportunity to work through challenges and master the study skills they can use to suceed.

I especially enjoy working with K-8 students as they are still developing the attitudes and habits that will influence how they lead their lives as adults. I believe that if students can preserve their innate thirst for knowledge throughout this period of their lives, they will be more successful as they pursue their studies in high school and college. Whether we’re mastering reading comprehension, writing skills, or core math concepts, I enjoy helping students develop the foundation that they can build upon and use to thrive throughout their studies. 

In my personal time I also enjoy studying history, cooking, and hanging out with friends and family.

Subjects Tutored:

Interview Prep
ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, and Writing Sample
Academic US History
Academic Latin
Academic Study Skills
Academic K-8
AP US History
AP European History
AP Latin




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