Radha Thakore

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

During high school at Mountain View High, I had the wonderful opportunity to be an English teaching assistant. As I graded papers and prepared lecture materials, I watched how my teacher addressed complicated subjects. I saw the joy that students received from understanding the concepts that had seemed challenging only moments prior. After receiving their papers back, several students quietly celebrated their success with smiles. To many, this was a small step towards achieving their dreams, and I wanted to teach others and support these successes. 

I attended UC San Diego for my bachelor’s degree in human biology. As an aspiring physician, I started my school work with an interest in the sciences, specifically chemistry and biology. These subjects have helped me gain understanding of many phenomena from day-to-day activities to complex information. I keep up with new research and my fascination within these areas only continues to grow. I hope to share the joy of science with the students I teach.

At UCSD, I was a leader in many student study groups. I especially enjoyed teaching concepts in different styles such as by mapping content on a whiteboard or creating quirky acronyms to remember the fundamentals. As their test scores increased, I noticed my peers develop self-confidence and become more interested in the subject matter. 

In addition to my coursework, I balanced several extracurriculars including community service for hospitals and health related programs. I have been able to assist individuals of different ages, skills sets, backgrounds, and goals. Health education, like school education, often involves anxiety for many individuals, and I witnessed their worries easing away through positive and supportive teaching.

The phrase “Learn as if you were to live forever” by Mahatma Gandhi embodies the long-term growth which I aim to provide each student by teaching critical academic knowledge and study skills. I also hope to provide inspiration to develop a love of learning. I truly believe that each student has the potential to succeed at any aspiration that they set themselves towards. As an AJ tutor, I aim to be a guide and mentor for this success.

Apart from tutoring, I enjoy folding origami, reading sci-fi novels, playing sports, and practicing the flute.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
Academic Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Chemistry


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