Rajman Randhawa

Test Prep & Academic Tutor

I was born in Hayward, CA, and lived out the first few years of my life in Union City.
When I was five, my family moved to Salida, CA, where I enjoyed a very calm and suburban lifestyle until college led me to the big city of Los Angeles. There, I completed my bachelor’s degree in environmental science at UCLA. During my time as a young professional I explored many aspects of my life that I never had the time to reflect upon before. Within my short two years of adulting I realized my dreams were yet to be achieved. I began a program at San Francisco State University, where I am currently studying under the Pre-Health Professions Certificate Program.

Education allows students to explore and nurture their interests in a setting that is positive and supportive. I’m a firm believer that every student has the potential to be successful in both their academic and personal lives, so I’m a huge advocate for an educational experience that is tailored to a student’s strengths and needs. Therefore, my goal as a tutor has always been to instill confidence in my students by providing them the tools they require in order to develop a better and more thorough understanding of the material.

My interest in math and chemistry come from their logical approaches, there is a solution to every problem no matter the complexities. I believe people often think about the “bland” and mathematical mindset required to comprehend the content without understanding the immediate relevance of the subjects. I’m a firm believer that if you can present the subject to students so that they can see that relevance, the more engaged and invested they will become in learning about it. My love of logical approach applies as well to test taking for the SAT and ACT: the tests are as much about how a student takes them as they are about the content involved.

Teaching and educating others has always been embedded in my personality. I always enjoyed dissecting and presenting the information in a way that was digestible to others and thorough in the understanding they required. As a big brother with many younger siblings, I’ve always nurtured their education and success by aiding them in their studies and test taking. After college I furthered this passion and began tutoring middle school mathematics. I have found that learning comes in many different forms: some students are visual while others are verbal, some prefer homework while others prefer projects, some enjoy exams while others dislike any testing of any sort. I’ve learned to personalize and develop learning strategies that work best for each student I work with. This not only keeps me on my toes, but also ensures that my students understand that education is complex and there are a multitude of learning methods they can employ to further their individual mastery of the material.

My tutoring approach has always been to look from the big picture and then to dissect inward. Students often forget why they are learning about a certain topic, or even where that topic fits into the greater material of their class. My goal is to focus a student on the concept behind each topic before picking apart the basic meaning of what is being presented. Then they can better put together the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle into a broader understanding of the relevance of the material.

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures, I love to work out by going to the gym or on hikes, and I spend most of my nights binge watching some of my favorite shows like the Mindy Project.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2






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