Ryan Flores

Academic Tutor

I grew up in Southern California, where I spent the first 24 years of my life. During that time, I worked a variety of jobs—ranging from working as a sales associate at a retail store, to bussing tables at a restaurant, to bagging groceries at a grocery store—before ultimately landing a tutoring position at my local community college. Out of all of my aforementioned positions, becoming a math and science tutor was by far the most rewarding. Helping students understand difficult scientific concepts turned out to be a symbiotic experience. Every day I was challenged by difficult questions posed by my students. However, by rising to this challenge, I found that my knowledge of the subject improved and, with it, my ability to help others.

I transferred to UC Berkeley, where I studied chemical engineering. Transitioning from a small community college to a large public institution gave me a unique perspective into the advantages of each school. The community college environment was very welcoming, and I enjoyed the accessibility of the instructors and smaller classroom sizes. Though Berkeley’s classes were much larger and individualized attention was sometimes hard to come by, I appreciated the wealth of resources and opportunities available. I believe my experience with both kinds of higher education institutions helps me connect with students, adapt my teaching to balance the challenges of their current academic environment, and help prepare them for whatever their future holds.

As a tutor, my goal has always been to help bridge the gap between words in a textbook and the understanding of real-life phenomena. By connecting the way physics looks on the page and the way it interacts in our daily lives, I am able to take abstract concepts and make them more real for my students. I also believe it is important to break concepts down in order to make them more palatable and to guide students toward understanding by inquiry and prompting. Students learn better when discovering the answers for themselves, with guidance, than if they listen to a lecture. It teaches them to think and deepens their understanding. While every student wants a good grade or test score, true understanding is something individuals can take with them into the next phase of their life.

Beyond tutoring, I enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle by lifting weights, playing soccer, training jiu-jitsu, or practicing yoga.

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Academic Physics
AP Physics 1
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