Sydney Rock

Team Leader

I was born in Los Angeles but moved to the Bay Area at a young age. As someone who was brought up in Palo Alto’s public school system, I know the unique impact the Silicon Valley has on students. With the difficulties that SAT’s, college applications, and AP courses pose, having a support system is integral for academic success. My ultimate goal as a tutor is to create a comfortable and dynamic environment in which my students can develop their voices and focus on achieving their goals in all aspects of their lives.

After graduating from Paly, I set off to Berkeley, ultimately graduating with honors in the Department of Rhetoric. At Berkeley I discovered a passion for analyzing what words do, looking specifically at the relationships between literature, film, and philosophy to engage the complex ways in which we make meaning.

My passion for tutoring was sparked by the vibrant community surrounding UC Berkeley’s Student Learning Center, where I worked as a private tutor for three years. There, I worked with a wide range of students and began to specialize in working with students with disabilities. In my senior year, I created and taught a writing workshop for students taking university-required reading and composition classes. After I graduated from Berkeley, I spent six months teaching reading comprehension, primarily to students with disabilities.

My tutoring philosophy centers around three basic principles: student-centered learning, in which the uniqueness of each student, and each student’s learning style, is valued and accommodated; collaborative learning, in which student and teacher work together to identify and solve problems; and an openness to being challenged, surprised, or thrown “off course” by students. It is with these three principles that I approach each session with my students. Although I have worked as both an instructor and a tutor, one-on-one tutoring is where my heart lies because of the deep relationships that can be cultivated between student and tutor. I strive to understand all aspects of my student, taking the student’s needs as a starting point so that my tutoring can be responsive, collaborative, and encouraging.

When I am not tutoring, you can find me reading philosophy with a cup of coffee in hand or hiking with my five dogs throughout the bay.

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
Academic English
Academic Geometry
Academic Study Skills
Academic K-8
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition

Offices Served

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 Sydney is always so positive about my work and there is a huge visible progress after each session with her. My math score has gotten so much better thanks to her.  Read what others are saying

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