Trevor Hart

Academic Tutor

I graduated from Auburn University in Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in physics before moving to the Bay Area to pursue a master’s in particle physics from San Francisco State University. In my sophomore year of college, I applied to be a learning assistant for calculus-based physics courses. I truly enjoyed teaching, so I applied for a position as a teaching assistant the next year. My TA responsibilities combined aspects of lecturing, recitation, and lab management.

After two years as a learning assistant, I was offered the opportunity to be a learning assistant mentor. As a mentor, I used high-level pedagogy to train new learning assistants and to improve on their teaching skills. My general principles of teaching are that all things can be learned through clear and tailored explanation and through varied examples. Problems in physics require high levels of problem solving and applied reasoning. I work to help my students master reasoning and problem solving skills as they develop their conceptual understanding. My goal is for students to be able to apply what they know to a wide variety of problems and circumstances. While for many students physics can be daunting, I have found that any student can succeed if given the correct opportunities and an environment that aids their confidence.

My hobbies include taking my German Shepard, Bane, to the dog park and on hikes and playing tabletop games like Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Physics
AP Physics 1


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 It does a really good job with setting goals for me and has truly helped me achieve them. The tutor I have is excellent and has helped me advance my knowledge in physics.   Read what others are saying

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