Zena Basma

Academic Tutor

While I was growing up in Southern California, my father worked at the zoo, and I spent priceless moments learning about the distinct species and habitats of extraordinary creatures. I embarked on degree in biology at California Polytechnic University, where I learned about our humble Earth and everything that resides within—from the tiny microorganisms to the vast forests and wetlands. I also developed my skills in other areas, including math, chemistry, and English, all of which are necessary in designing professional research, charts, and experiments that can help the world learn more about our Earth and how to protect it. In education, I am advocate for all subjects, as I truly believe each field of study is the small piece of a greater whole.

While in college, I took on opportunities to work in the Disability Resource Center at Cal Poly and as an English tutor and success advocate at Chaffey Community College. I was expected to be a thoughtful facilitator who supplied resources and study skills, and to act as a success mentor for students. I was able to advocate for their mental health and coach them on how to create healthy boundaries for themselves. Encouraging students to stay motivated, healthy, and productive while discovering their potential to complete their goals was something I became deeply passionate about. Witnessing the rippling effect I had on my mentees one-on-one was truly rewarding and inspired me to pursue ongoing work in education.

At AJ Tutoring, I specialize in helping elementary and middle school students develop a strong foundation in their students, and I always hope to encourage their curiosity and to inspire a love of learning. In addition to my work at AJ tutoring, I work with the SF Bay Wildlife Society as a summer camp science teacher. There, I work to help nurture in my students a sense of understanding, appreciation, and stewardship for the San Francisco Bay wildlife. 

My goal is to understand students individually. I believe in the importance of teaching effectively as well as understanding the behavior and psychology of students individually to meet their needs. My past experiences have given me an understanding of the factors that contribute to students’ performance in academics, and I hope to provide helpful skills, tools, and resources that students can use throughout their academic journey.

When I am not tutoring, you will find me painting, crafting, and scuba diving!

Subjects Tutored:

Academic K-8


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