Anh Nguyen

Academic Tutor

Having lived in both San Jose and Vietnam, I’ve had the great opportunity to become fluent in two different languages and adaptable in many situations. My friends were my language teachers, and I learned quickly through social interactions. By the time I entered Evergreen Valley High School, I found that the situation had reversed. I became the one peers and family members came to for help with challenging topics. I discovered how enjoyable tutoring was for me because it allowed for memorable discussions that made academics interesting and engaging. It was rewarding to help students get through particularly difficult concepts and show them what they were capable of learning.

I continued to apply interactive learning during my time at UC Santa Cruz, where I earned a BS in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology. I thoroughly enjoyed learning biology and chemistry and how they can illuminate everyday topics like illness or food. I shared my passion for these subjects through the university’s Academic Excellence Program, where I tutored students in math, chemistry, and biology. In addition to assisting students with academic work, I also acted as a peer mentor by providing insights and knowledge of university life, helping to make four-year plans, providing information about local opportunities, and offering general advice for college success.

My tutoring philosophy is based on coordination and cooperation. The student and I are a team: we learn together, practice together, and overcome challenges together. As different teams have different dynamics, I strive to tailor my tutoring to match each student’s learning style. This way, I ensure that I explain the material in a way that makes sense to the student.

I like to help students relate topics that they find uninteresting to those that they are passionate about, and I particularly enjoy watching students make connections between different subjects. I prefer conceptual understanding to rote memorization and real-world applications to abstract theory. The best part about tutoring for me is helping a student master a previously impenetrable concept and seeing his or her happiness and fulfillment with having overcome a challenge.

In my free time, I enjoy reading good books, eating sweets, singing, cooking, baking, hiking, taking walks, and playing badminton.

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Chemistry
Academic Chemistry
Academic Biology
Academic Study Skills
AP Chemistry
AP Biology

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