Jake Beech

Regional Director

My teaching career began at an early age: when I was seven, I filmed my first instructional video on how to play the violin! For me, life is all about the “aha” moments when a new level of understanding is reached. To share these moments with someone else — that is something special, and it’s the reason I love what I do.

I graduated from Harvard, where the focus of my study was on documentary filmmaking. I enjoyed the mix of art, technology, and teaching involved in stitching together a coherent narrative. After college, I moved to the Bay Area to work for Google, where I was part of the People Operations team. My favorite activity there was leading workshops about personality types.

Ultimately, I wanted to engage in teaching in a more personalized way, which led me to AJ Tutoring. I have happily spent the past several years teaching the SAT, ACT, and math courses ranging from Algebra to AP Calculus. My goal is to help students become more independent and confident, developing their own ability to determine whether an answer makes sense. I also work with students to overcome the stress and anxiety that often surround school and standardized testing.

Outside of AJ, I like to spend my time reading, writing, cooking, and taking leisurely walks with my dog.

Subjects Tutored

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Calculus
Academic Geometry
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Study Skills
Academic Trigonometry
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

Offices Served

Happy parents and students.

 Jake helped me not only overcome my difficulty regarding content but also my attitude toward the test.  Read what others are saying

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