Joe Niederman


After working for a major test preparation company during my four years at UCLA, I founded AJ Tutoring with my life-long friend, Aaron Andrikopoulos. What started out as a job grew into a true passion for studying and teaching the SAT; after nine years of teaching this test that is so often perceived as a barrier to success, I’m still continually inspired by helping students take advantage of it as an opportunity to show-case their strengths. I’m also passionate about helping students solidify valuable math, reading and writing concepts that will serve them well throughout their lives. After working at a large and impersonal test preparation company and researching competitors in the area, I decided that students in the Bay Area would truly benefit from a more personalized and local tutoring company that would help them ease the stressful transition from high school to college. AJ tutoring helps students achieve their best in academics and test-taking, and I am proud of the talented and charismatic team of tutors we have developed to help students throughout the SF Bay Area reach their full potential.

In my free time I enjoy yoga, snowboarding, and reading about current events. Like most other AJ team members, I’m a masochistic Bay Area sports fan: the Warriors, the 49ers and the Giants are my teams, rain or shine.

Happy parents and students.

 AJ Tutoring inspired me to tackle the ACT and I couldn’t be happier. My score was much higher than I ever thought it would be, and AJ helped me get there.  Read what others are saying

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