Anil Azad

Academic Tutor

I was born and raised in San Jose and from a young age became enraptured with biology and the living world. A diligent student, I naturally became the one my peers and classmates came to for help with difficult concepts and assignments. I attended San Jose State to earn my bachelor’s in Forensic Molecular Biology before pursuing my master’s in Molecular Biology from CSU Sacramento. Though my interest and passion for biology have assured me along the way, science education is challenging and arduous. I enjoy relating the hard-earned academic skills and tricks I have gleaned to my students at AJ.

My love for teaching flowered in my undergraduate years when I tutored my fellow classmates in chemistry and biology. I also tutored high school science students, and I learned to excel at working with many different levels of learners. One thing I quickly realized is that with each student comes different challenges and different ways of thinking, and thus patience and flexibility from a tutor or teacher is paramount. When I first started studying the sciences, I struggled to understand basic topics and calculations, and it took a tremendous amount of work to become confident enough to do them properly. With this experience, I can truly empathize with what my students go through and how difficult the material can be.

I feel that tutoring is a partnership between student, tutor, and parent, and that all three parties have to be working in sync in order to maintain the ultimate goal: the success of the student! It is my aim to see my students understand, master, apply, and think critically about the material they study at school.

Aside from tutoring, I enjoy reading, playing video games, and learning how to program!

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Chemistry
SAT Subject Biology E/M
Academic Chemistry
Academic Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Biology

Offices Served

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