Tyler Womack

Academic Tutor

I’ve always loved telling stories and sharing interesting ideas with friends and classmates. In college, I tutored a group of middle-school students, and I realized that I had a natural talent and passion for teaching. I was surprised to discover how rewarding and entertaining teaching people can be. As time went on, I became more and more invested in the education of the kids I was tutoring, and I saw that their needs were not being met. In response, I reformed and organized our tutoring program so we could be more effective. I organized my fellow tutors and encouraged them to create lesson plans and to create a more organized structure. Although our time with the students was limited, I was pleased to see that after these changes, many of the students became more motivated and engaged, and we were able to teach them much more effectively.

After graduating from Wheaton College with a degree in Economics, I worked as a market researcher for several years, studying and reporting on employment trends and conducting survey research. However, after several years of doing market research, I realized my true passion lies in teaching.

My tutoring philosophy is based on adapting my teaching method to how each of my students learns. Some students learn best when a concept is depicted visually, while others benefit from conversational or Socratic instruction. Most everyone, I find, can benefit from a perspective that is calming and reassuring. My students benefit from my encouragement and understanding, and it is a great joy of mine to help them achieve their academic goals.

In my free time, I like to watch basketball, sing karaoke with friends, read and play video games. I am also a freelance Java developer specializing in mobile development.

Subjects Tutored

Academic Economics
Academic Computer Science
AP Microeconomics
AP Macroeconomics

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