Thinking about the November and December 2013 SAT subject tests?

Whether you’re a senior looking to improve your college applications with another good test score, or a junior getting a head start on the testing process, you should consider taking an SAT subject test in November or December.  If you’re thinking “SAT subject test, what the heck is that and why should I bother?”, here’s the scoop:

  • SAT subject tests are one-hour multiple choice exams offered by the College Board in a variety of academic subjects, including math, literature, US and world history, biology, chemistry, physics, and most foreign languages.
  • Subject tests are not required by most colleges for admission, but a good score on a subject test can set you apart from other applicants and demonstrate your interest and skill in a subject.  Interested in studying physics in college?  You should try the physics subject test.
  • Subject tests are scored from 200 to 800, just like individual sections on the SAT.
  • You can take up to 3 subject tests in one day, but you can’t take them the same day as the SAT — so plan ahead!
  • You’ll do best on subject tests for high-level courses that you’ve completed recently and did well in.  For instance, students who took AP US History and did well usually have an easy time with the US History subject test.
  • The SAT subject tests will be offered two more times this year: November 2 and December 7, 2013.  You can register for them at the College Board’s website.

If you need help preparing for the SAT subject tests, AJ Tutoring offers comprehensive preparation for most subjects.  We generally meet with students for 3 or 4 90-minute sessions, during which we review content and cover test-taking strategies to get the most points on each subject test.  For more information, please email or give us a call at (650) 331-3251.  We’re excited to work with you!

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