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K-8 Tutoring Options

Most people hear AJ Tutoring and immediately think of test prep, or AP class support. Many members of the community don’t realize that we serve so many more students than just our high schoolers! AJ is proud to offer tutoring services to Kindergarten through middle school students and high ... Read More



Taking time this summer to get a leg up in academics is a great strategy, but it's also a great time for test preparations. AJ Tutoring may be known for its high quality 1-on-1 SAT and ACT test prep but we also provide test prep in other areas as well. Summer is a great time to prepare for middle ... Read More


Private Middle & High School Admissions in 2021

Middle school and high school applications are still changing in light of the pandemic and distance-learning, even with a return to school in the fall, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for them! We sat down with one of our trusted admissions counselors, Mary Folsom, to compare ... Read More


Musings on Learning English

My experiences learning English―what can we take from that as a English native learning foreign languages? I grew up in Switzerland, a little country in the middle of Europe and with 4 official languages: Swiss German (the written language is German), French, Italian, and a curious one:- ... Read More

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