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The Ultimate Guide to College Admissions: Insights from Experts at AJ Tutoring.

With So Many College Admission Guides Out There, Why Trust AJ Tutoring? Over the past twenty years, we have worked with over 60,000 Bay Area students at some of the most competitive high schools in the country. This experience puts us in a unique position to understand the pressures faced by high ... Read More


March 2024 Digital SAT: Scores, Insights, and Strategies | AJ Tutoring

In March 2024, students embarked on a new journey with the first administration of the Digital SAT (DSAT). This landmark shift in standardized testing marked a significant transition from paper to digital, introducing a new era in college admissions testing. At AJ Tutoring, we closely monitored ... Read More


Navigating Ivy Day: Ivy League Admissions 2024

Ivy League decisions should all come out on Ivy Day, which this year is Thursday, March 28, around 7 pm EST. Ivy Day – the day when all eight Ivy League schools release their admission decisions simultaneously – is a pivotal moment for thousands of students across the globe. At AJ Tutoring, ... Read More


The Timeless Value of College: Why Higher Education Matters

In a rapidly evolving world where alternative paths to success are gaining traction, the question of whether college is still relevant often surfaces. While diverse career journeys exist, the enduring importance of college lies not only in the acquisition of knowledge but in the holistic ... Read More

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