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Maximizing Potential: Students Triumph on the Digital PSAT with AJ Tutoring’s Support

This past fall, the Digital PSAT was offered for the first time, introducing a new era in standardized testing. As students begin preparing for this dramatic change to the SAT, AJ Tutoring has been closely monitoring the transition to the Digital SAT and supporting our students through the ... Read More


3 Ways the Digital SAT is Different, and What Does This Mean for Math?

Have you heard that the SAT is going digital? The SAT is making the switch in the spring of 2024, while students everywhere already experienced a Digital PSAT earlier this month. Many parents and students have questions about what this transition means for their test preparation and what they can ... Read More


Digital PSAT scores: Understanding Your PSAT Score

In the era of digitization, education, and assessments are not left untouched. As we step into 2023, a new wave of change is sweeping over standardized testing with the introduction of the Digital PSAT. This transition, while momentous, raises many questions. Among them, one stands out: How do ... Read More


The Digital PSAT Experience with AJ Tutoring

The digital age has revolutionized everything from communication to commerce, and now it's reshaping standardized testing. Enter the Digital PSAT, a new format of the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. With the landscape of education constantly evolving, being prepared ... Read More

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