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Scheduling Study Time Using Online Calendars

“But how do I make time to study and complete homework?” A question asked of many of our tutors, by a wide range of students. These students are understandably overwhelmed: classes take up upwards of 35 hours a week, with most students also balancing hours of sports, extracurricular, ... Read More


Making Use of Winter Break

To be clear, the most important purpose of winter break is just that: taking a break! After a bevy of final exams, challenging assignments, and mental exercise, you and your family deserve some time off.  That said, it is possible to get some rest and relaxation without completely turning ... Read More


Good Books III: Even More Reading Recommendations for High School Students

With the success of our last lists, we’ve added even more recommendations from AJ leaders. As a reminder, here are the ground rules: the only requirements were that the books be appropriate for high-school-aged readers, and that they not be books that regularly show up on high school reading ... Read More


Economics: How do you teach it when even experts disagree?

Economics is an increasingly popular subject for students at AJ Tutoring, both at the high school and college levels. It’s also one of the most interesting—and challenging—to tutor because so little of it is scientifically testable the way chemistry or physics are. President Truman ... Read More

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