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What About My Middle Schooler?

We get calls from concerned parents every day asking about their elementary and middle school students. Whether it's questions about math, private school entrance exams, writing skills, or reading comprehension, one of our expert team members is standing by to help guide your students through the ... Read More


Educational Link Roundup

Oftentimes sitting down to research what’s new in academia can be daunting, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. Thankfully, your friends here at AJ have put together some helpful links to lead you in the right direction! What’s Up with the Digital SAT? Why Should Students ... Read More


What Your Student Needs When They Say: “I Don’t Understand What the Teacher Is Saying”

A common complaint heard from students is “I don’t understand what the teacher is saying” or “the teacher just doesn’t explain things well.” Is it that their teacher doesn’t explain the concept well? Generally, no. Instead what usually happens is that teachers have to lecture a ... Read More


Keep the Learning Going!

Did you know that you can keep the learning going for your students even when you are on vacation? That’s right! Here are some helpful tips from our amazing academic team members below! Math Tutor Merylynn Valencia says make cookies together! It's okay to get messy from time to time and ... Read More

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