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How to Make a History Class Interesting

There are several AP history classes that students may have the opportunity to take during their high school years. The most popular is AP United States history, or “APUSH” as many call it, as well as AP European history and AP world history. All three of these classes/exams are in the same ... Read More


Educational Link Roundup

Are you feeling overwhelmed as this school year gets into full swing? Maybe you are still on the fence about joining the AJ Family, and that’s okay! We are a group of educators, we are parents, and at the end of the day we want to be a part of your support system in whatever way that we can. ... Read More


Educational Link Round-Up

Feeling stuck and unsure where to turn? Not even sure what questions to ask? Don’t worry! AJ Tutoring has you covered with some of our favorite resources to turn to when you need information! Why Is Taking the SAT and ACT Still Important? “Even “score optional” schools don’t ... Read More


Push Toward Finals

Whew! What a year we have all experienced! It feels cliché to say after these last two years of pandemic education, but these times are certainly unprecedented. The effort all of our students have put in this year is astounding! All of our tutors and administrators could not be more impressed ... Read More

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