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Educational Link Roundup

Are you feeling overwhelmed as this school year gets into full swing? Maybe you are still on the fence about joining the AJ Family, and that’s okay! We are a group of educators, we are parents, and at the end of the day we want to be a part of your support system in whatever way that we can. ... Read More


Educational Link Round-Up

Feeling stuck and unsure where to turn? Not even sure what questions to ask? Don’t worry! AJ Tutoring has you covered with some of our favorite resources to turn to when you need information! Why Is Taking the SAT and ACT Still Important? “Even “score optional” schools don’t ... Read More


Educational Link Round-Up

The Big Miss in Education Reform: Fiction “Kids who are given time and permission to consider what they might do next, in terms of reading and learning, take charge of their own learning in new and authentic ways. Scripted assessments leave little room for kids to think about what next steps ... Read More


Educational Link Round-Up

A "Roadmap" for Teaching Civics and History Is Coming. Will It Restart an Old Curriculum War? “Nearly a quarter century after the meltdown of a national effort to set history standards, two federal agencies are putting a toe back into troubled curricular waters: determining what history and ... Read More

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