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Cypress College Prep

Once upon a time, two friends had a dream. A dream of creating accessible, high quality, and intuitive tutoring services for their community. That dream developed into the AJ Tutoring that you have come to know and love. However, the dream didn’t stop there and neither did we.  Coming ... Read More


AJ Spotlight: Elizabeth Emery

AJ Tutoring is not your average tutoring company! Behind all of our amazing tutors stand our amazing administrative and educational staff! We wanted to take the time to highlight one such individual this month, Elizabeth Emery! Our head blog writer sat down with Elizabeth to get to know her a ... Read More


Spotlight Feature: Social Outreach at AJ Tutoring!

AJ Tutoring has been the brain child of Joe and Aaron since the early 2000’s. Their goal is to provide high quality tutoring services to the families of the Bay Area. As we have grown over the years, we have been blessed with opportunities to give back to the communities who have opened their ... Read More


We Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving!

At AJ, community is one of our core values: read on to learn more about how we strive to live up to this value. By creating a collaborative community of passionate educators, we enrich our broader communities. Team members interact professionally and socially to create a network of knowledge and ... Read More

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